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Australian Art Exhibitions was established in Melbourne in 1999 as a specialist Museum and Gallery Exhibition Design consultancy. Providing master planning, feasibility studies and design services to state, regional and private museums and galleries across Australia.

Changing Constitutions exhibition at the Constitution Centre, Perth WA

Changing Constitutions

Permanent Exhibition 

Constitutional Centre of Western Australia, Perth, 2000

This room is often booked for functions, so the mobile displays have a hinged door that closes, and each case is moved against the walls with the historical images facing into the room.

Top Arts: VCE 2000 

Graduating students’ exhibition 

NGV at temporary premises in Russell Street

23 May15 Jul 2001

Geelong Football Club Jumper 1963

Cats: History of the

Geelong Football Club

National Wool Museum

Annette Welkamp, Curator




As Head of Exhibitions and Design at the Western Australian Museum, Adam Worral was part of the corporate executive team, responsible for the content, scheduling, design and delivery of exhibitions and collection displays across six sites (selected exhibitions are included below).

The Stolen Generations: Separation of Aboriginal Children from their Families in Western Australia

Fremantle History Museum

Ann Delroy, Co-ordinating Curator


Ancient Live

Greeks, Romans and Etruscans: Artefacts from the Collection of the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden

WA Museum, Perth Site


New James Street Entry Building

Furniture design and fit out the entry building, including the information desk and visitor services facilities

Feb 1999 

Discovery Centre

Hackett Hall, WA Museum, Perth Site

Launched Feb 1999 with new James Street Entry

Western Australia: Land and People

Hackett Hall, WA Museum, Perth Site

New permanent collection display 

Launched Feb 1999 with new James Street Entry

New displays added to

The VOC ship Batavia

WA Maritime Museum, Fremantle


Katta Djinoong: First Peoples of Western Australia

WA Museum, Perth Site

Moya Smith, Co-ordinating Curator


When Australia was a Woman: Images of a nation

Fremantle History Museum

Margaret Anderson, Curator 


Life and Death under the Pharaohs: Egyptian antiquities from the National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden

WA Museum, Perth Site

Dr Hans Schneider, Curator

21 Feb – 27 April 1998

The Foundations of Fremantle: Exploring the early history of Western Australia’s port city 

Fremantle History Museum

Deborah Tout-Smith & 
Ann Delroy, Curators

Opened 28 Nov 1997

Hartog to de Vlamingh: Celebrating the tricentenary of Dutch exploration 

WA Maritime Museum, Fremantle

Ian MacLeod, Co-ordinating Curator

Opened 11 January 1997

Real Wild Child – the history of Australian rock

WA Museum, Perth Site

A Powerhouse Museum Touring Exhibition

Opened 30 Oct 1996

Egyptian Treasures from the Collection of the Western Australian Museum

WA Museum, Perth Site

Moya Smith, Curator




Manager of Exhibitions, exhibition design and graphic design, NGV - Adam held responsibility for the budgeting, scheduling, design and delivery of the exhibitions, graphics and print programs.

Renoir: Master Impressionist

Art Exhibitions Australia

18 Sep—30 Oct 1994

Albrecht Durer, in the collection of the NGV

Irena Zdanowicz, Curator


Being and nothingness:

Bea Maddock

QAG & ANG (NGA) exhibition

Roger Butler, Curator


Rembrandt to Renoir: European paintings from

the fine arts museums of

San Francisco

 Terence Conran, Curator

19 Feb—10 May 1993

CHRON NGV - Van Gogh general 1 PI.png

Van Gogh: His sources, genius and influence

James Mollison & Peter Denham, Curators

9 Nov 1993—16 Jan 1994

Visitors on the final weekend

of the Van Gogh exhibition 

Uncommon Australians: Towards an Australian

Portrait Gallery

Art Exhibitions Australia

Julian Faigan, Curator

7 May—29 Jun 1992

Of dark and light:

The art of John Perceval

Barrett Reid, Curator

30 Apr—12 Jul 1992

The Art of Frederick McCubbin

Bridget Whitelaw, Curator

18 Dec1991—25 Feb 1992

John Olsen

Deborah Hart, Curator

1 Nov1991—2 Feb 1992

Rubens and the Italian Renaissance

David Jaffé, Curator

20 June—30 August 1992

Balenciaga: Masterpieces of Fashion Design

Robyn Healy, NGA & Marie-Andre Jouve, Balenciaga Archive, Curators

10 Sep—26 Nov 1992

Toulouse Lautrec: Prints and posters from the Bibliotéque Nationale

QAG Exhibition

25 Oct—8 Dec 1991

Spirit in Land: Bark Paintings from Arnhem Land

Judith Ryan, Curator


Art of the Himalayas:

Treasures from

Nepal & Tibet

Art Exhibitions Australia


20 Contemporary Australian Photographers from the Hallmark Cards Australian Photographic Collection

NGV & AGNSW, Isobel Crombie, Sandra Byron & Susan Van Wyk, Curators


Donald Friend 1915 - 1989 Retrospective

AGNSW, Barry Pearce, Curator


The Age of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent

International Cultural Corporation of Australia Limited exhibition

7 Sep—25 Nov1990

Albert Tucker:

A Retrospective

James Mollison &

Jan Minchin, Curators

21 Jun—12 Aug 1990

William Blake in the collection of the NGV

Martin Butlin & Ted Gott, Curators

14 Sep—19 Nov 1989

Moet & Chandon Australian Art Foundation Touring Exhibition


Mythscapes: Aboriginal art of the desert from the National Gallery of Victoria

Judith Ryan, Curator


Dragon Emperor: Treasures. from the Forbidden City exhibtion at the NGV 1988
Dragon Emperor: Treasures. from the Forbidden City exhibtion at the NGV 1988 robe showcases

Dragon Emperor: Treasures from the Forbidden City

Dr Mae Anna Pang, Curator

16 Dec 1988—12 Feb 1989

Australian Biennale 1988: From the Southern Cross,

a view of world

Nick Waterlow, Commissioner

4 Aug—18 Sep 1988

Sidney Nolan:

Landscapes and legends

Jane Clark, Curator

3 Jun—26 Jul 1987

Hatches Matches and Dispatches:

Christening, Wedding and Mourning fashions

Rowena Clark, Curator

25 Nov 1987—31 Jan 1988

Featherston Chairs:

The designs of Grant and

Mary Featherston

Terence Lane, Curator

30 Mar—7 Aug 1988

John Brack: A Retrospective Exhibition installation NGV 1987
John Brack: A Retrospective Exhibition installation NGV 1987

John Brack: A Retrospective Exhibition

Robert Lindsay, Curator

10 Dec 1987 - 31 Jan 1988

Russell Drysdale Photographer exhibition entry NGV 1987
Russell Drysdale Photographer exhibition design NGV 1987

Russell Drysdale Photographer

Jennifer Boddington, Curator


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