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In the role of Assistant Director at the NGA for the past 15 years, Adam Worrall oversaw the scheduling, budgeting, development and delivery of an ambitious program of exhibitions, with annual exhibition expenditure of $8.9 million* and over $8.5 million* in budgeted exhibition revenue. Adam's programming also delivered audience growth of 25% over a 5 year period.

While he was involved in hundreds of exhibitions and installations for the NGA, the list below only contains exhibitions where he was Exhibition Project Leader, the exhibition designer or where had a major role in the project.

*2018/19 financial year totals


Matisse and Picasso

Jane Kinsman, Curator

13 Dec 2019—13 Apr 2020

Monet Impression Sunrise

Marianne Mathieu, Curator

7 Jun—1 Sep 2019

Māori Markings

The art of Tā Moko

Crispin Howarth, Curator

9 Mar—25 Aug 2019

Love & Desire:

Pre-Raphaelite Masterpieces from the Tate

Carol Jacobi & Lucina Ward, Curators

14 Dec 2018—28 April 2019

American Masters

1940 – 1980

Lucina Ward, Curator

24 Aug—11 Nov 2018

The National Picture

The art of Tasmania's

Black War

Tim Bonyhady & 

Greg Lehman, Curators

12 May—29 July 2018

Cartier: The Exhibition

30 Mar—22 Jul 2018

Margaret Young Sanchez, Curator

David Hockney: prints

Jane Kinsman, Curator

11 Nov 2017—27 May 2018

Arthur Streeton: The Art of War

Anna Gray, Curator

15 Dec 2017—29 Apr 2018

Albert Namatjira

Painting Country

Franchesca Cubillo, Curator

15 Jul 2017—2 Apr 2018

Defying Empire

National Indigenous

Art Triennial

Tina Baum, Curator

26 May—10 Sep 2017

Pipilotti Rist

Worry will vanish revelation

Jaklyn Babington, Curator

11 Mar—20 Aug 2017

Hyper Real

Jaklyn Babington, Curator

20 Oct 2017—18 Feb 2018

Angelica Mesiti

Jaklyn Babington, Curator

9 Sep 2017—2 Apr 2018


Treasures from the Palace

Beatrix Saule, Curator

9 Dec 2016—17 Apr 2017

Mike Parr:

Foreign Looking

Roger Butler & Sarina Noordhis-Fairfax, Curators

12 Aug—6 Nov 2016

Tom Roberts

Anna Gray, Curator

4 Dec 2015—28 Mar 2016

James Turrell Retrospective

Lucina Ward, Curator

13 Dec 2014—8 Jun 2015

Fiona Hall: Wrong Way Time

Linda Michael, Venice Bienalle & Deborah Hart, NGA

22 Apr—10 Jul 2016

The last temptation: The art of Ken and Julia Yonetani

Jaklyn Babington, Curator

12 Dec 2015—25 Apr 2016

Contemporary Asian Art

1 Nov 2016—1 Feb 2017

SMALL Story of Rama opening.png
SMALL Story of Rama installation.png

The story of Rama: Indian miniatures from the National Museum, New Delhi

Dr Vijay Mathur, Curator

22 May—23 Aug 2015

Myth and Magic: Art of the Sepik River Region, Papua New Guinea

Crispin Howarth, Curator

7 Aug—1 Nov 2015

Impressions of Paris

Lautrec, Degas, Daumier

Jane Kinsman, Curator

7 Nov 2014—9 Mar 2015

Gold and the Incas

Lost worlds of Peru

Christine Dixon, Curator

6 Dec 2013—21 Apr 2014

Arthur Boyd

Agony and ecstasy

Deborah Hart, Curator

5 Sep—9 Nov 2014

Kastom: Art of Vanuatu

Crispin Howarth, Curator

8 Feb—16 Jun 2013

SMALL Stars of Tokyo stage room 1.png
SMALL Stars of Tokyo stage room 2.png

Stars of the Tokyo stage: Natori Shunsen's Kabuki actor prints

Lucie Folan, Curator

19 Jul—12 Oct 2014

William Kentridge

Drawn from Africa

Jane Kinsman, Curator

17 Jan—26 Jun 2013


Royal Academy of Arts

Kathleen Soriano, Ron Radford, Anna Gray & Franchesca Cubillo, Curators

21 Sep—8 Dec 2013

Roy Lichtenstein:

Pop Remix

Jaklyn Babington, Curator

20 Jul 2013—27 Jan 2014

Divine Worlds:

Indian painting

Robyn Maxwell, Curator

1 Sep—11 Nov 2012

SMALL Turner from the Tate 2.png
SMALL Turner from the Tate 4.png

Turner from the Tate: The making of a Master


1 Jun—15 Sep 2013

Toulouse Lautrec: Paris and the Moulin Rouge

Jane Kinsman, Curator

14 Dec 2012—2 Apr 2013

Varilaku: Pacific arts

from the Solomon Islands

Crispin Howarth, Curator

24 Feb—29 May 2011

Fred Williams:

Infinite Horizons

Deborah Hart, Curator

12 Aug—6 Nov 2011


15th & 16th Century Italian Paintings from the Accademia Carrara, Bergamo

Cristine Dixon, Curator

9 Dec 2011—9 Apr 2012


National Indigenous Art Triennial

Carly Lane, Curator

11 May—22 Jul 2012

Sydney Long: The Spirit of the Land

Anna Gray, Curator

17 Aug—11 Nov 2012

Ballet Russes: The art of costume

Robert Bell, Curator

10 Dec 2010—1 May 2011


SMALL Street stencils 1.png
SMALL treet Stencils.png

Space Invaders: Contemporary street culture

Jaklyn Babington, Curator

30 Oct 2010—27 Feb 2011

LDM small 4.png

Life, death and magic: 2000 years of Southeast Asian ancestral art

Robyn Maxwell, Curator

13 Aug—31 Oct 2010

Robert Dowling

Tasmanian son of Empire

Ron Radford, Curator

24 Jul—4 Oct 2010

Masterpieces from Paris

Post-Impressionist Masterpieces from
the Musée d'Orsay

Christine Dixon, Curator

4 Dec 2009—18 Apr 2010

Emerging Elders

Honouring senior

Indigenous artists

Tina Baum, Curator

3 Oct 2009—14 May 2010

Soft Sculpture

Lucina Ward, Curator

24 Apr 2009—19 Jul 2009

Frederick McCubbin: Last Impressions 1907-17

Anna Gray, Curator

14 Aug—1 Nov 2009

Picture Paradise

 Asia-Pacific photography 1840s-1940s

Gael Newton, Curator

11 Jul—28 Sep 2008


Master of French art

Jane Kinsman, Curator

12 Dec 2008—22 Mar 2009

Gods, ghosts and men

Pacific arts from the NGA

Crispin Howarth, Curator

10 Oct 2008—11 Jan 2009

Richard Larter:

A Retrospective

Deborah Hart, Curator

20 Jun—8 Sep 2008

Turner to Monet

The triumph of landscape painting

Ron Radford &

Christine Dixon, Curators

14 Mar—9 Jun 2008

Andy and Oz:

Parallel Visions

Deborah Hart, Curator

1 Oct 2007—30 Dec 2007

Australian Surrealism

The Agapitos Wilson collection

Deborah Hart, Curator

16 Feb—11 May 2008

Culture Warriors

National Indigenous Art Triennial

Brenda L. Croft, Curator

13 Oct 2007—10 Feb 2008

Egyptian Antiquities

from the Louvre:

Journey to the afterlife

Marc Etienne, Curator

17 Nov 06—25 Feb 2007

Robert Rauschenberg


Jane Kinsman, Curator

1 Sep 2007—27 Jan 2008

Ocean to Outback

Australian Landscape Painting 1850–1950

Ron Radford, Curator

3 Aug 2007—3 May 2009

The story of Australian Printmaking 1801—2005

Roger Butler, Curator

30 Mar—3 Jun 2007

George Lambert: A Retrospective - Heroes and Icons

Anna Gray, Curator

29 Jun—16 Sep 2007


Impressions of land,

sea and sky

Anna Gray, Curator

3 Mar—12 Jun 2006 

Crescent Moon

Islamic Art and Civilisation

in Southeast Asia

James Bennett &
Robyn Maxwell, Curators

24 Feb—28 May 2006

Grace Cossington Smith

A Retrospective Exhibition

Deborah Hart, Curator

4 Mar—13 Jun 2005

Margaret Preston

Australian Printmaker

Roger Butler, Curator

18 Dec 2004—25 Apr 2005

NSP SMALL entry 2.png
NSP SMALL Cardossa and Iceberg.png

2005 National Sculpture Prize and Exhibition

Elena Taylor, Curator

15 Jul—9 Oct 2005

Bill Viola: The Passions

J. Paul Getty Museum Exhibition

26 Jul—6 Nov 2005

James Gleeson: Beyond the screen of sight

Lou Klepac & Geoffrey Smith, Curators

18 Mar—13 Jun 2005

Vivienne Westwood

34 years of fashion

Claire Wilcox, Curator 

12 Nov 2004—30 Jan 2005

Home sweet home

Works from the

Peter Fay collection

Deborah Hart, Curator

11 Oct 2003—18 Jan 2004

Montien Boonma

Temple of the mind

Asia Society Exhibition

23 Jul—10 Oct 2004

French Paintings

From the Musée Fabre, Montpellier

Jorg Zutter, Curator

9 Jul—3 Oct 2004

The Edwardians:

Secrets and Desires

Anna Gray, Curator

12 Mar—15 Jun 2004 

Pierre Bonnard

Observing Nature

Jorg Zutter, Curator

7 Mar—9 Jun 2003

Sari to Sarong

Five hundred years of Indian and Indonesian textile exchange

Robyn Maxwell, Curator

11 Jul—5 Oct 2003

Tactility: Two centuries of Indigenous objects, textiles and fibre

Brenda L. Croft, Curator

7 Jun—14 Sep 2003

2003 National Sculpture Prize and Exhibition

Elena Taylor, Curator

21 Mar—9 Jun 2003 

Out and About

The NGA tours Australia

10 Dec 2002—22 Feb 2004

2001 National Sculpture Prize and Exhibition

Elena Taylor, Curator

30 Nov 2001—10 Mar 2002 

William Robinson:

QAG Exhibition

14 Dec 2001—10 Mar 2002 

SMALL Italians.png

The Italians: Three Centuries of Italian art

Curated by Arte e Civilta Fondazione Cultura Lombarda 

28 Mar—16 Jun 2002 

Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera

and Mexican Modernism

From the Jacques and Natasha Gelman collection

Christine Dixon, Curator

13 Jul—28 Oct 2001

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