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National Gallery of Australia
New Main Entrance & Indigenous Art Galleries

This is the most significant development to the National Gallery of Australia since it opened in 1982. 
This is the first increase in permanent collection space since the gallery opened, and these are the first galleries specifically designed for the display of different kinds of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art. 

Ron Radford AM, Director, National Gallery of Australia

On the ground level, the new works included - a large foyer, new cloaking, reception and bookshop, an outdoor cafe, a function room opening to landscaped gardens and a new large commercial kitchen, escalator and lift connections to the original building and carpark, improved disabled access to all public levels and a new purpose built gallery for the display of The Aboriginal Memorial.

The upper level (original main gallery level) included Australia’s first purpose-built galleries for the display of Indigenous art, with 11 new galleries ranging in scale and character from large daylit spaces to small rooms for the display of sensitive works. Plus a new gallery for the display of Sydney Nolan's iconic Ned Kelly series. 

Australian art exhibitions Museum Art Gallery Design Adam Worrall NGA National Gallery of Australia extension south entry PTW Architects Andrew Anderson

What we’ve done in this permanent exhibition is celebrate the diversity of Indigenous art in Australia.

Franchesca Cubillo, Senior Curator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art, National Gallery of Australia

As Assistant Director at the NGA, I worked closely with PTW Architects and their consultants for over three years, to ensure that the design, development and delivery of the $50 million extension to the NGA met the highly prescriptive requirements for the gallery's operations and the movement, treatment and display of the national collection.

Adam Worrall, Managing Director, Australian Art Exhibitions

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