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Jim Lambie - Sound System 2015

Jim Lambie is a well-known contemporary Glaswegian artist who is best known for creating ephemeral site-specific floor works, usually in a psychedelic palette. Since 1999, he has used tape and vinyl to create his floor-works with the intention of transforming a space by allowing the existing architecture to direct and shape each work, providing a unique effect with each installation.

Sound system, is an ephemeral, site-specific work in 13 metallic tape colours. Arranged for maximum kaleidoscopic effect, it completely transforms the architecture of the space in which it is installed.

Following significant consultation with Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery and the artist, the floor installation took five staff and a team of 16 volunteers, five days to complete.

Jim Lambie, Sound system 2015

metallic vinyl tape, Purchased through The Poynton Bequest, 2015

Australian Art Exhibitions Museum art gallery exhibiton design NGA National Gallery of Australia Jim Lambie Sound System 2015 metallic tape floor
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